As a historical society, it is not surprising that our members continue to dig into the past of WWII. Often, thuis results into very detailed reference works which sometimes leads to books and documentaries. Below our finished and ongoing projects.





Operation Neptune RAF-Team

Deadline: May 2017

Wooden replica RAF Control Tower (5m x 5m x 5m) 
will be used for RAF display, exhibits en book presentation



HEMELS BROOD (Operation Manna/Chowhound)

Tina Jay & Best Boy Productions

Deadline:  May 2017 (Event 2017)

Dutch spoken, Dutch subtitles

For our event "Operation Neptune - Aviation Edition 2017", we once again, will  make a documentary that is adapted to the theme. This time the documentary will  illuminate the food distribution "Operation Manna / Operation Chow Hound" by the RAF and USAAF during the hunger winter 1944-1945. The documentary will be shown during the event. Afterwards it will be available for schools or interested parties.



Commemoration 75th Anniversary of the  Lancaster KO-Y DS734 crahs  (tentative title)

Bram Dermout

Deadline: 2019


This project involves a book that will be published in Belgium and England, an exhibition and the possibility to set up a WWII camp during the memorial weekend.



WRAAKACTIE IN HOMBEEK (tentative title)

Tina Jay, MAFIA Videoclub & Best Boy Productions

Deadline:  2018 

Dutch (w/ENG subtitles)

May 1940, German forces are occupying Mechelen and its surroundings. While the troops convoy invade Hombeek, they execute a deadly and escalated revenge on innocent civilians. The story with authentic images, photos and dramatized images, viewed through the eyes of a young woman who was an eyewitness ...




47 Royal Marine Commando - An inside story - 1943-1946 Marc De Bolster - Fonthill Media 

2014 -  232 pag - Hardcover - ENG

(This book is on the hand of one of our member and not a production of  Operation Neptune)

47 Royal Marine Commando: An Inside Story 1943-1946 tells the story of 47 Royal Marine Commando during the Second World War based on personal accounts written by veterans who served in the conflict. From the D-Day landings in Normandy to fierce battles in Holland, young men were taken prisoner and sent to camps until freed at the end of the war in 1945. There are eyewitness accounts of the Normandy landings, involvement with the RAF, Royal Navy and American forces, 10 Inter Allied Commando and the effect on local populations who heard news of the actions in which 47 Royal Marine Commando took part. Formed from 10th Battalion Royal Marines and reinforced by volunteers from other several parts of the British armed forces, they distinguished themselves by sheer determination and professionalism. Over 900 men served in or were attached to this Commando, keeping their overall strength up to 420. Many gave their lives never to return home so others might live to tell their story. Profusely illustrated with many unpublished photographs. 47 Royal Marine Commando: An Inside Story 1943-46 is a gripping yet haunting human story.



VAN D-DAY tot V-Day - Tijdslijn van de bevrijding (2015) Tina Jay & Best Boy Productions

NL gesproken, NL ondertiteld

Suitable for ages from 5th grade of primary school and higher
A chronological overview of WWII beginning from D-Day and ending with the surrender of Japan (VJ Day). The documentary also shows that the liberation of Europe not really meant "freedom and security" . A very clear overview with authentic images from WWII !

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